Monday, 28 April 2014

Kensoft | Enterprise Financial Software Products

We believe that 'it does not take a bulldozer to plant a rose!' Keeping this in mind, our Software is designed, developed & implemented using a solid foundation to ensure automation of core processes, enforcement of policy/rules, and seamless integration of all your business operations. Some of the many key differentiators of our products earned us the National Award for Excellence in IT | 48th CSI Convention.

Kensoft offers state of the art Customized Enterprise Software Solutions and 3-tier Cloud Products.
Our Domain enriched IPR based software products are aimed at delivering the desired outcome for your organisation.
Coherent development in India & abroad has helped shape our software products to provide strong models for the Financial Enterprise.
With Kensoft's Software Systems, you get an extensive knowledge base with advanced Decision Support Systems to leap-frog your organisation to the next level.

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